Remembering Sonny
A special gift was given to us
More priceless than silver or gold,
It was far more valuable than any
Treasure we could ever hold.
It was a gift of kindness and compassion
Of helping others in need,
A gift of patience and understanding
Teaching us when to follow and when to lead.
A gift of knowledge and wisdom
To help us find our way,
A gift of sorrow and forgiveness
To help us get through each day.
A gift of aspiration and ambition
To follow our dreams and persevere,
A gift of pride and courage
To overcome any obstacle or fear.
A gift of hope and inspiration
Allowing our greatness to shine through,
A gift of love and laughter
To share between me and you.
A special gift from God above
That was sent to show us the way
This priceless gift was an angel,
Who was called home today.
We will forever miss you, Sonny
Our husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend,
And we will continue to thank God for the gift of you
Until we meet again.
                                                                  --- Teresa Rodrigues


Copyright �2009